Count st germain quotes

count st germain quotes

Writing attributed and written about the mysterious figure known as: Count Saint-Germain, Der Wundermann (the wonder-man), etc. Sonnet attributed to Count. Jump to: Articlesx0; Imagesx0; Opinionsx0; Quotes x9; Commentsx0 But the greatest mystery surrounding the Comte de St Germain was his longevity. Having. Read inspirational quotes from spiritual master Saint Germain as channeled through Philip Burley. I am the only person who is competent to speak on this subject, and I have exhausted it. His principal food, which he prepared himself, was a mixture of oatmeal. He believed that this minority, once it was developed itself, would, in its turn, help to develop another small number, and that a vast spiritual radiation would gradually descend, in beneficent waves, towards the more ignorant masses. Whether you find yourself in a safe harbor, in turbulent waters, or in placid waters, it is all God carrying you along. For a great number of imaginative and sincere men the Comte de Saint-Germain is more alive than he has ever been. The period of his great celebrity in Paris extended from to Memoires of Louis XV. He believed he could make mankind happy by procuring for them new pleasures, lovelier cloths and colors; and glorious colors cost almost nothing. For pleasure in life drags a man down only when it is carried to excess. They do not jump up to open the door to their guest, for material barriers do not exist for him. Refresh and try again. We find rest in those we love, and we provide a resting place in ourselves for those who love us. Currently Active Users 2 members.

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Urban Legends: Count of St. Germain, the immortal man Last night we were up late remodeling the guinea pigs cage an my phone fell out of my hand face first open on the tile an screen cracked but still working as the screen protector which isn't glass but thick plastic sticky is holding the pieces together. Says Heer van Sypesteyn: This is who and what God is: Germain—naturally it was very exaggerated, but very many people were taken in by this make-believe St. However, he was one of those like Cagliostro of whom it was assumed that he had discovered and attained the alchemical objects of long life and the ability to generate great wealth. Count Saint-Germain as a young man , by an unknown artist. Writing and quotes by and about Count Saint Germain.


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